Praetura EIS Growth Fund

How it works

Investors in Praetura Growth EIS will be supporting growth companies predominantly across the North of England as well as in other parts of the UK whilst benefitting from a range of tax reliefs.

Praetura's proven 'More Than Money' approach helps us find and back exceptional founders. Through access to industry experts in our Operational Partner programme, we help them grow break-out businesses that aim to deliver industry-leading returns for our investors.

how it works?
how it works?

The Strategy

Praetura Growth EIS builds on our 12-year track record of investing in small and medium-sized companies. Our investment strategy is to invest in growing UK businesses with strong management teams that operate predominantly in the North of England.

Close Date

The Fund has two soft close dates each year on 30 April and 31 October.


The Fund will seek to return capital to investors within four to seven years of subscription into the relevant portfolio company. The exact timing of exit will depend on commercial circumstances.


Caroline  Flagg gives an introduction to the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

In this video, Business Development Manager, Caroline Flagg, explains what the EIS is.


Why Praetura Growth EIS?

Experienced Manager

Praetura has a 12-year investment track record in small & mid-sized companies.

Speed of Deployment

All investor funds deployed within eight months of each soft close.

Complete Transparency

Detailed custom portfolio updates every six months alongside industy-leading communications.

More Than Money

Unrivalled founder support to help grow better businesses.

Praetura's previous exits…

Inspired Energy

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.


The Praetura EIS Growth Fund has been reviewed by independent research providers.

Download our documentation

Praetura EIS Growth Fund Information Memorandum
Information Memorandum
EIS Brochure
EIS Brochure
Application Form Advised
Application Form Advised
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The EIS scheme was introduced in 1994 by the government as a way of helping early-stage businesses grow and access venture capital. EIS businesses can raise up to £5 million each year and a maximum of £12 million in their lifetime through the scheme. One of the biggest benefits of investing in EIS is an income tax relief of up to 30%.

Yes. Below you’ll find a list of additional EIS benefits that you can take advantage of with Praetura Growth EIS Fund.

Capital Gains Tax Exemption: Investors are exempt from Capital Gains Tax realised on the disposal of EIS-qualifying shares, providing the shares were held for at least three years.

Inheritance Tax Relief: Under Business Property Relief, EIS shares which have been held for at least two years will qualify for Inheritance Tax Relief, providing the shares are in a ‘trading company’ and are still owned at the date of death. No upper limit is applied to the claimable amount of Inheritance Tax Relief.

Capital Gains Tax Deferral: When investors dispose of an asset and make a gain, CGT is typically payable on the gain for the tax year in which the disposal arose. Deferral relief allows investors to treat the gain as not arising until some time in the future – if you acquire EIS shares. To claim deferral relief the investor must invest an amount equal to the chargeable gain.

Loss Relief: If shares in an EIS company are disposed of at a loss, investors can offset this loss against capital tax or income tax (at their marginal rate).

EIS businesses must be UK-based and not trading on a recognised stock exchange. They tend to be privately owned seed and early-stage businesses that have no more than £15 million in gross assets when shares are issued and no more than £16 million immediately after.

The companies we focus on are often B2B and occupy future-focused industries, including SaaS, gaming, AI, life sciences and healthcare.

Initial: Initial fee 1% of amount subscribed
Ongoing Annual management fee 1.5% (plus VAT) of amount subscribed p.a.
Performance fee 20% Praetura will be entitled to a performance fee of 20% of the profits above the hurdle rate of 120% of the Subscription Amount

Charges payable by the Investee Company: A one-time arrangement fee of up to 4% of funds invested will be payable to the Fund Manager by the Investee Companies upon investment. An annual monitoring fee of up to £36k p.a. will be payable by an investee company.

An investment in Praetura Growth EIS carries risk and you should read in full the Praetura Growth EIS Information Memorandum. Below are the key risks:

General: Past performance is no indication of future results and share prices and their values can go down as well as up. The forecasts in this document are not a reliable guide to future performance.

Liquidity: It is unlikely there will be a liquid market in the shares of the EIS-qualifying companies and it may prove difficult for investors to realise their investment immediately or in full.

Capital at risk: An investment in Praetura Growth EIS can be viewed as high risk. Investors' capital may be at risk and investors may get back less than their original investment.

Tax reliefs: Tax reliefs depend on individuals' personal circumstances, minimum holding period and may be subject to change

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